Tanzania: Serenera, Central Serengeti

by on February 26, 2014; Africa; Tanzania; Travel

We woke up with the sunrise peaking through the mesh window of the tent. Despite the early wake up at 6.00am, we end up with a bit of a slow start. After having a relaxed (and delicious) breakfast prepared by Daniel and two cups of coffee we finally got on the road only to remember we had forgotten the binoculars back at camp! Once we had done the round trip back to camp and out again it was pushing 8.30am – definitely not an ideal start, or so we thought. Not five minutes after leaving the camp for the second time we came across a cheetah hunting right along the road. We had just driven past some impalas so backed up to see the action… Unfortunately, the something must have tipped the impalas off (couldn’t possibly be the line of Landcruisers?) and they scattered before the cheetah could get into real striking distance. Exciting none the less – good thing we forgot those binoculars!

Our good luck continued in the morning and we saw a number of great sightings including a couple of sets of lion, and a very distant leopard sleeping in a tree. A herd of giraffe, including some juveniles that were only tall enough to nibble on the shrubs, along with a troop of baboons playing also made for some great watching. The afternoon game drive was somewhat less successful although we still spotted a number of plain game along with some elephants. The distant leopard remained comfortable relaxing and wasn’t going anywhere. The park did put on a spectacular sunset though.

Back at Serenera camp we had another great dinner and another delicious soup. After having a cup of tea and a good yarn with Abdul, followed by a spot of star gazing, we headed to bed as we were determined to make an early start for our last game drive in the Serengeti.