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by on December 30, 2013; New Zealand; Travel

We have a long standing tradition of going to the C’s batch in Akaroa for new years with James and Becky – I think 6 consecutive years in a row, although we did miss last year. Although we had plans for New Years itself at Lake Tekapo with Farah’s high school friends, we wanted to spend some time with the C’s and Akaroa was always good times with water skiing and sailing on the cards.

Assuming the weather plays ball – but I’ve never seen a rainy day in Akaroa.

Three consecutive days of rain later, and all the normal summer activities had been put hold, replaced with mainly sitting indoors having a yarn with beverages alternating between coffee and beer depending on the time of day.¬† We did spend a blustery afternoon at Le Bons Bay giving Charlie (four-legged friend) a run and unsuccessfully diving for paua¬† – plenty around, but all undersized. An enjoyable few days none the less, it was great to see the rest of the C’s before heading off.

The day we leave for Tekapo the sun comes out, of course, so at least Akaroa put it on for New Years.