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Leaving East Cape and Rotorua

by on October 29, 2013; New Zealand; Travel

After packing out our camp we headed to a surf beach outside of Gisborne and finally sound some waves. We had been carrying our boards for the entire trip but had only encountered flat surf. After an hour or so of paddling (reluctant to call it surfing – but we try) we said our goodbyes to the East Cape and headed back north to Rotorua, to visit my sister who has recently moved there. We caught up with Kim for an evening mountain biking around the red woods. She had only just gotten a bike so was pretty excited about getting out there. The tracks in Rotorua are world class, and the red wood forest provides a great back drop. Even the logged areas make up for the decimated aesthetics by having one of the most fun tracks, “Challenge”, which is basically just a serious of jumps, one after another.

The next day, while me and Farah played the tourist, Kim unfortunately had to work. We went for an explore around the walking tracks of Lake Rotorua and Blue Lake and then caught up Kim around 10.00am as she was treating us to a hot water massage (basically a full body massage done under 8 jets of hot water) at the Health Spa she works at. Pretty sweet, definitely leave feeling super relaxed (if not a little bit dehydrated)… Obviously a perfect time to head back to the red woods for some more mountain biking. Seems a little cart-before-horse, but lots of fun none the less.

Unfortunately our time in Rotorua was quite short – seriously felt like I could have spent two weeks there just mountain biking everyday. Maybe another time. Onward to Taupo.